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Providing Victorians with sustainable and reliable energy for their home or business. Let us help you discover the best advanced energy solution that suits you.


Hybrid Solar Systems

A Hybrid Solar System is a combination of solar panels, batteries and a hybrid inverter. This will generate power from the solar panels and allow you to store excess power in the battery for later use. By having a hybrid solar system you will be able to utilise power from your panels, even when there is a blackout.

Solar for your home

Advanced Energy Solutions helps home-owners save on their electricity bill by powering their homes with solar. By switching to solar power, the average residential homeowner saves over *$1,000 every year on their electricity bill and is helping to build a cleaner and renewable future for generations to come.

Solar for business

Advanced Energy Solutions provides businesses with high quality solar solutions on their commercial buildings using only the most efficient and bankable products with long warranties to ensure they get the best and safest return on their investment.

Off-grid Solar Systems

Off-grid solar systems are becoming a popular choice for those people living in remote areas where the electrical power grid is unavailable, as well as those who are after electricity freedom. Off-grid systems involve a solar system with a large battery set-up to ensure there is enough electricity stored during periods of little sun – which we all know is common in Victoria.

Make the switch to solar and join 3+ million Australian households reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving on their power bill.
About us
  • Advanced Energy Solutions is a local solar installation company helping Victorian residential and business customers save money with clean energy.

  • Our founders (Dan and Jim) have been in the electrical and solar industry for a combined 30 years and are focused on providing our local community and our clients with exceptional service.
  • Our goal is to seamlessly transition Victorian’s from having high-electricity bills, to a more advanced energy solution that best suits their needs, and provides them the best return on their investment.

  • We understand that every client’s needs are different, so we work with you every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome for your unique situation, whether it be solar, a hybrid system or even an off-grid solution.

  • Our honesty and transparency is only one aspect of the respect we have for our clients.

  • Our installation team will install an elegant and efficient system as they would for their own home, and our professional commitment to our after sales service ensures we are available for any question or concern you may have, long after the system has been installed.


Pre installation

  • Whether you have been thinking of solar for a while, or are completely new to the concept, our friendly and experienced sales team are here to help.

  • We welcome any question you may have and are here to ensure you have the right advanced energy solution installed to suit your needs.

  • Once you are happy with the option we have provided, all you have to do is select a timeframe you wish for it to be installed, then sit back and relax.



  • Due to the volatile Victorian weather, the installation date may vary to ensure it will be safe working conditions for the installation team.

  • On the day of the installation, the power will be turned off for a period of time and there will be some noise.

  • Installation usually takes 1-2 days depending on the size of the system, and the severity of the weather.

  • We will continue to work with you on ensuring an appropriate date of installation for all those involved.


Post installation

  • After your chosen system has been installed, it is to be left off until compliance is verified by an electrical inspector (usually within 2-4 weeks).

  • After the inspection has been approved, your solar will be working and you will begin saving on your electricity bill.

  • The paperwork will then be processed by your electricity retailer and distributor and your meter will be reconfigured to allow for credits to be fed back into the electrical power grid.

  • This process usually takes another 4 weeks. All this is done in the background by the team at Advanced Energy Solutions.


After Care

  • We use online monitoring to continually check the productivity of your chosen advanced energy solution.

  • If your installed system stops working anytime within the estimated payback period or within 5 years of installation (whichever period is shorter) from any fault of the installation as determined by our Directors, we will pay you back the savings you missed out on.

  • Please note, this warranty is in addition to, and does not limit consumer’s statutory rights.

The benefit of having a solar power system

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