Hybrid Solar Systems

A hybrid battery system combines solar panels and battery storage to provide electricity to a home or business. Here's how it works:

1. Solar panels generate electricity: The solar panels on the roof of the building generate electricity from the sun’s rays.

2. Excess solar power charges batteries: Any excess electricity generated by the solar panels that is not needed for immediate use by the building is sent to the battery storage system.

3. Batteries store excess electricity: The battery storage system stores the excess electricity generated by the solar panels.

4. Battery power is used when needed: When the solar panels are not generating enough electricity to power the building, the battery storage system provides the additional power needed. This is particularly useful during times of high energy demand or when there is no sunlight.

5. Backup power during outages: During power outages, the battery storage system can provide backup electricity to power the building.

6. Energy savings: Using a hybrid battery system can help reduce a building’s energy costs by decreasing reliance on grid electricity and reducing peak demand charges.

Overall, a hybrid battery system helps to maximize the use of clean, renewable energy from solar panels, while reducing reliance on grid electricity and providing backup power during outages.

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